TALUDANIEL Inc. is an international trading and engineering company based in Atlanta, U.S.A. The mission of the company is to provide its customers with raw materials and machines used in PVC applications, and MRG products.

The founders of TALUDANIEL Inc. are Mr. Talu, Chairman of the Board of TaluTrade Group, and Mr. Wallace Daniel, former Managing Director of Georgia Duck & Cordage Mill (now Fenner Dunlop) Company. Daniel and Talu, thanks to their long years of professional experience, their technical & engineering knowledge and their ability to produce swift and flexible solutions, have been able to build up a strong synergy under the same roof.

Today we have business and trade relations in major trading centers in the world e.g. Taiwan, Mainland China, Thailand, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, India, The Middle East, South Africa, South America, Czech Republic, Germany, France and North America.

The keys to our success lie in our ability to maintain strong relationships with our stakeholders around the world, to monitor international markets as well as in our capability to design tailor-made products for the specific needs of our customers.